Ride Freel to
attend meetings. be on time. go for lunch. avoid traffic jams. feel free(l).

Be one step ahead. Have your dedicated e-step fleet at your office.

What we provide

An end-to-end mobility service for companies and organizations

Electric Vehicle Fleet

We provide two types of solutions, an electric scooter for the commuter dedicated to solve the last mile problem and a fleet of smart electric scooters stationed inside your office available for you at all times.

Mobile app & Fleet dashboard

With the mobile application the employees can book, reserve, lock or unlock one of the scooters from the fleet. With the dashboard the employer will be able to control and manage the fleet.

Maintenance & Insurance

In our fleet at office we include insurance and maintenance. As an employer you can follow up with the maintenance of each electric scooter via the fleet management dashboard.

Your dedicated office fleet

Always available, always maintained, always fully charged. Exclusively for your employees.
IOT Scooter

We always use the latest technology on our scooters to provide the best possible experience.

Digital Platform

Our scooters can be controlled through our digital platform (app & fleet management dashboard)

One monthly invoice

No matter how many employees use the fleet, as a company you will receive only 1 invoice per month

A fleet of e-scooters, only for your company

Always available, always maintained, always charged

Our fleet of eScooters will be stationed inside your office, they can only be used by your employees. Registration takes a few seconds using the company email. Your employees can book, reserve, lock or unlock each eScooter. Everything can be managed through the fleet management dashboard, you can set your own geo-fence, maximum speed, fall down alarm and many more. You can see the live location of your entire fleet and follow the maintenance history.

Our mobile application

Easy to use mobile application for your employees

  Create a profile in seconds using your company e-mail
  See which scooters are free and their battery %
  Reserve a scooter 1 day before the ride
  See your Co2 Saved
  Lock or unlock the scooter
  And many more features

Powerful fleet management dashboard

Have full control over your fleet with out powerful fleet management software

  See which e-scooters are reserved, booked, active or  inactive
  See the maintenance history of all your e-scooters
  Determine your own territory with geo-fencing
  Set up a personalized fall down alert
  See your monthly expenses
  Track your e-scooters with live location
  And many more features


What’s included in your subscription?

A full package to get you started.
Safety & regulations

To ensure your safety during the ride, we will provide safety workshops and advise to wear helmets. Please make sure to respect the law and regulations when riding your Freel Escooter.

Mobile app & dashboard

We will provide you with a mobile application for your employees and a powerful fleet management dashboard to control and manage your fleet. The possibilities are endless.

Insurance & Maintenance

Our monthly subscriptions are all-in. The drivers insurance and maintenance fee are included in the monthly price of the contract. 

Customer support

We take pride in providing a state of the art customer support. You can always contact us directly if you have any questions regarding your fleet.

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